things you should never keep in your purse

The essential items you carry around in your purse often include things that prepare you for unexpected emergencies, like tampons, tissues, and over-the-counter medications.

Though it's important to be prepared, keeping certain items in your purse can set you up for devastation in the case that your handbag is lost or stolen.

If the items in your purse have any sentimental value attached, like family photos or jewelry, or could have expensive consequences if lost, then you should avoid carrying them in your purse.

Here are nine things you should never keep in your purse:

1. A list of your passwords

As more and more websites and apps require passwords for security purposes, it can be hard to keep track of that information. But you should definitely avoid keeping this sensitive information written down on a sheet in your purse.

"Some people feel passwords are safer in their bag than at home because it's always on them, but nothing could be further from the truth," Eva Velasquez, CEO and president of Identity Theft Resource Center, told Reader's Digest. "You're much more apt to lose your purse or wallet than have a break-in."

It's much safer to store your passwords in a password manager smartphone app that is also passcode protected, such as LastPass.

. Identifying documents

The only identifying document you should regularly carry with you is a driver's license or state identification card. You should not make a habit out of carrying your social security card, passport, or birth certificate with you unless you need it for traveling.

Aside from the hassle of having to replace these items, they're a major source of identity theft.

"Your social security number is the critical piece of information a thief needs to carry out identity theft," Velasquez told Reader's Digest.

 Your debit card, checkbooks, and large amounts of cash

If you use your debit card as a way to easily take cash out, then you can bet a thief can do the same if they steal your card.

"I'm not a huge fan of always having a debit card with you, because the cash disappears from your account and you have to prove it wasn't you before you get it back, unlike a credit card, where you can stop the charges and the money never leaves your account," John Sileo, CEO of cybersecurity group Sileo Group, told Reader's Digest.

It may not always be possible, but try only keeping a debit card on you when you know you'll be withdrawing cash, and a checkbook only when you need to write a check. Also avoid carrying around large wads of cash in the case that you lose your bag for good.